We help our clients in achieving professional and personal effectiveness. We use the best, proven practices and leadership and management solutions.

Amongst our clients are multinational Corporations, their Board Members and Middle-Management as well as Entrepreneurs and Family-owned Businesses.

Our team consists of professionals who have their own hands-on managerial and leadership experience
in leading companies in Poland and abroad as well as Entrepreneurs.

We work within individual one-on-one programs, e.g. with a corporate manager or a leader
as well as we conduct workshops, strategic sessions, lectures and seminars
for teams and entire companies.

We have qualifications for individual and group coaching and facilitation.

As experts and practitioners in business, leadership and management, we also participate
in conferences and discussion panels.




Why Inspire?
Why Leadership?

Many years of our own experience in business as well as scientific studies clearly show that deficiencies in leadership competencies among management and entrepreneurs become a serious limitation for their personal development as well as for development of their companies.




We have examples, tools and ways that inspire you to continuously develop natural and effective leadership, good communication and improve the commitment of managerial staff and employees. We know that the development of management staff is always an example and inspiration for their environment for their own development, which translates into increased efficiency of their companies and organizations.

companies claim that their management does not present effective leadership skills
Companies see the need to strategically define leadership competence requirements for their employees and executives
companies have business strategies that do not take into account leadership aspects 
companies claim that ultimately the development of leadership competences in their companies will be of strategic importance
Source: 2015 Brandon Hall Group’s State of Leadership Development Study.



We know that the quality of leadership is the determinant of effectiveness. In order to improve the achieved results, ensure profitable and stable growth and effectively implement strategies and changes that enable success in a dynamically changing market, it is worth investing in the development of leadership and interpersonal skills and building the so-called „Healthy organizations”.
We work with Polish (including family) and foreign companies. We support them in implementing strategic goals and introducing changes through the implementation of systems and programs aimed at increasing the quality of people management, building effective and committed teams, strengthening values and organizational culture.

  • Our expertise includes issues related to the so-called „soft” aspects as well as „hardleadership and management.

  • We are oriented towards practical implementation. We help our clients define goals and action plans (personal, team and organizational) and implement them.

  • We use the best, proven, global and Polish practices as well as leadership and management solutions, including the unique „5 Levels of Leadership” model by dr. John C. Maxwell.

  • We use programs and first-class training, mentoring and workshop materials liceced by John C. Maxwell, Patrick Lencioni and World Institute for Action Learning.

  • We work with our clients on-site and using modern on-line technologies.


For many years, we have been asked whether leadership can be learned.

We answer is: Definitely YES!

We use The Five Levels of leadership model and related programs and tools. Their author is Dr. John C. Maxwell, with whom we have been cooperating for many years co-creating The John Maxwell Team – the world’s largest training organization of leaders in the field of leadership, communication and business development. The Five Leadership Model is a clear, clear and practical leadership concept that every leader can learn. This concept has been proven in thousands of companies and organizations in over 120 countries around the world. It assumes that leadership results from the actions taken, and not only from the position taken, and that the measure of the effectiveness of leadership is the influence, not the title. The Five Levels of Leadership model is a clear plan for developing leadership qualities and competences – becoming a natural leader.


Apart from the Five levels of leadership model, we also use proven tools, techniques and academic knowledge from leading business schools in the world, which we are graduates and our own over twenty years of leadership and management experience. Working with us allows you to develop a systematic plan to develop your leadership, management and communication skills.

LEADERSHIP – the key competence that determines the success or failure of every leader 

You can not delegate responsibility for your development and for the development of your competences. Companies and organizations support the development of their employees to a greater or lesser extent, but it is up to your individual decision to determine how your development will look and what competencies you want to build. In addition, your development and your development also depends on the development of your employees, their practices and methods, and thus the result of the company, organization or department that you direct. This is particularly important in the case of entrepreneurs and people in top positions. No company or organization is able to achieve better results in the long term than those allowed by the top-level competencies of the manager. Your competences. Leadership competence.


Professional coaching is a proven and effective method of individual work, the aim of which is to support the client in acquiring the pace of development and improving the professional and personal effects achieved. The indirect goal of coaching is also to teach the client to search for solving emerging challenges and self-motivation. As professionals, we adapt our approach to the client’s needs in order to help him develop solutions and strategies that will be most suitable for him.


Participation in the „Mastermind” group is an extremely effective form of gaining new competences and development. It is a systematic work in an intimate group of people, which is a combination of workshop, study, group coaching, brainstorming. Participants study issues for 7 – 11 weeks, exchange experiences, apply acquired knowledge in practice, work on each other, inspire each other and mobilize for development. Classes are conducted in over a dozen different topics on leadership, communication, group work and personal development.


We support our clients in the field of Maxwell Leadership Assessment and other valuable tools. The assessment is based on the „5 levels of leadership” model and measures. 360 degree tests for individual teams.


MBTI® is a psychological index used to determine the type of personality. Knowledge of your type allows you to use your personal potential thanks to a better understanding of yourself, your motivations, strengths, preferences, unique talents and potential development paths. It also allows you to better understand and appreciate people in your environment. This study enables the development of „communication keys” between team members or groups, thus increasing the efficiency of work and the effectiveness of communication.


We offer participation in lectures aimed at learning and inspiration. Their subject area covers issues from the areas of leadership, management, personal and professional effectiveness. Meetings of leaders, managers and entrepreneurs are also a platform for networking and practicing public speaking skills.



Mentoring is a personal relationship between mentor and mentee (protégé / protégée), which aims to develop a professional mentee. Mentor – as an experienced and competent person – helps mentee learn using the mentor’s experience. Unless in a coaching relationship the coach advises or shares his professional or personal experiences, sharing experiences is the core of mentoring. Mentoring is the process of transferring knowledge, social capital and mentee support in the areas of work, career, professional and personal development.




Solutions and services tailored to your needs 

It is not finance, not strategy, not technology, but teamwork and its culture is a decisive factor in the market advantage because it is the most difficult to copy by the competition. Many companies look for complicated improvements for their organizations, neglecting constant and systematic work that leads to increased commitment and efficiency of teamwork – it is defined by the hidden, dormant potential in any organization. This is evidenced by many years of research on the level of involvement of employees and managers in companies. The average level of full engagement and concentration at work varies only at 30%. The remaining 70% is the untapped potential.





DWe provide methods that enable us to diagnose the level of employee involvement. We have tools and solutions that allow motivating and maintaining employee motivation, eliminating the basic sources of organizational and cultural nature, such as low commitment to work. We conduct workshop sessions with the management staff and team members, enabling them to develop and implement effective solutions in this area.


We run dedicated to companies and teams, tailored to their needs, programs for the development of leadership competences in organizations. The preferred and recommended method by us is the unique work in the form of „Mastermind” groups which is an extremely effective form of gaining new competences and development. It is a systematic work in an intimate group of people that is a combination of workshop, study, group coaching, brainstorming. Participants study issues for 7 – 11 weeks, exchange experiences, apply acquired knowledge in practice, work on each other, inspire each other and mobilize for development. The classes we conduct concern: leadership, communication and reaction, inspiration and motivation, and personal development.


Having a ripped, efficient and well-functioning team is a key issue for any organization that wants to function efficiently. At the same time, the construction of such a team is a difficult matter, due to the need to combine many aspects, such as psychology, organization, management, communication. We have methods that diagnose the existence of so-called „teamwork dysfunctions” as well as tools and solutions that allow these dysfunctions to be reduced or even eliminated, leading to increased team performance and quality improvement in these teams.



Solutions and services tailored to your needs

No company is exactly the same as the others. Each has its own unique culture, organization and history. We take care to enable companies, organizations, managers and entrepreneurs to make effective changes in a way that takes account of its uniqueness. We encourage you to selectively apply the most appropriate leadership, managerial, organizational and strategic practices based on global best practices.

Group Workshop


Formulating the company’s mission and vision of its development – that is, a rational image of the future results (additionally rooted in the values ​​that are important for the people who create the organization) leads to an increase in the involvement of its employees. This becomes a criterion when making strategic business decisions, as well as to a large extent that it is attractive to employees, shareholders and investors. The business strategy built taking into account the mission, vision and value is solidly based on the foundations on which the company and its owners as well as the management team operate, thus increasing the effectiveness and success of its implementation. We work with company owners and managers to determine the strategic directions of their organization’s development, and in the case of family businesses, taking into account the personal circumstances and expectations of owners regarding the issue of harmony between personal and professional life.
Group Session


We run dedicated programs for the development of leadership competencies in organizations dedicated to companies and teams. The preferred and recommended method by us is the unique work in the form of „Mastermind” groups, which is an extremely effective form of gaining new competences and development. It is a systematic work in an intimate group of people, which is a combination of workshop, study, group coaching, brainstorming. Participants study issues for 7 – 11 weeks, exchange experiences, apply acquired knowledge in practice, work on each other, inspire each other and mobilize for development. The classes we conduct concern: leadership, communication and reaction, inspiration and motivation, and personal development.
Maciej Speaking


We perform at conferences and seminars. We approach in a special way closed events organized by companies whose aim is the inspiration and motivation of its employees. We then move in an inspiring way to topics related to business and personal effectiveness and leadership psychology, based on our own management experience, and also referring to scientific authorities in the areas of leadership, management, psychology, communication and economics, such as Dr. John C. Maxwell, Jim Collins, Patrick Lencioni, Peter Drucker, prof. Daniel Kahneman, Robert Cialdini, Daniel Goleman and Malcolm Gladwell. These speeches are often preceded by closed seminars or strategic sessions for the management of the company or organization.




It is an extremely effective method of solving problems (including strategic, business, team, human), learning, improving communication, team work, innovation and change support. We recommend it especially nowadays, because companies need to constantly change and adapt to reality in order to survive. We use the methodology developed by the precursor of this method in the world, i.e. World Institute for Action Learning. It uses the power of questions and reflection.
Business Advisory


We support our clients in implementing systems and implementing changes that lead to increased involvement of managers and employees, the use of their potential to support the implementation of the strategy, strengthening the value and organizational culture. We support succession processes in family businesses and organizations. We help design and implement optimal organizational structures and improve the organization and functioning of sales processes and those related to business development. We also help to effectively manage changes: skillfully integrate combined companies from the cultural and organizational side and manage projects.


Business practitioners and experts in the field of leadership, communication and management.

We are a team of experienced specialists – business practitioners – in the field of leadership and management. For over twenty years, we have co-founded and belonged to the top management team of leading international companies in the professional services, business consulting, financial services and information technologies, such as Arthur Andersen, Andersen Business Consulting Ernst & Young, EY Academy of Business, Deloitte and Fujitsu Technology Solutions.

The motto of our work is „practical practitioners”. We bring together a group of specialists who, together with us, share their rich and long-term experience gained in managerial and managerial positions in leading companies in Poland and abroad.

Urszula & Maciej


Maciej Wiśniewski

Business practice with 20 years of experience as a manager and consultant in the field of business management, projects, change and communication. From 2001, he was a board member of leading consulting companies (Andersen Business Consulting, Deloitte). He managed Polish and international companies providing professional and technological services (S & amp; T, Fujitsu). A specialist in leadership, coach, mentor and trainer. Co-leads the Academy of Leadership Psychology. A graduate of the University of Chicago and IESE Business School.
He works with managers, companies and teams, assisting them in achieving efficiency through the best and proven management and leadership practices.


Urszula Gąsior

Earlier, partner at EY (formerly Ernst & Young) and EY Academy of Business. In 2001-2007, Vice President of Commercial Union General Insurance (currently Aviva). From 1992 at Arthur Andersen. A graduate of the Faculty of Foreign Trade at the Warsaw School of Economics. He has extensive management and consulting experience in various areas: finance, company management, HR, change management, leader development, strategy building and implementation.
As a People Partner at EY, she was responsible for building and implementing the Employer of Choice strategy of positioning in the labor market as well as the personnel strategy.






We constantly cooperate with leading experts and authorities in the field of leadership, communication and management in Poland and in the world. Our partners are, among others:

  • Dr. John C. Maxwell, a leading international expert in leadership. We are members of The Johm Maxwell Team – the world’s largest training organization in the field of leadership and communication

  • World Institute for Action Learning

  • OPP – a leading European provider of certified psychometric tests(np. MBTI)

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Why work with us?

  • We have practical, many years of business experience

  • We co-created and managed large, medium and small companies in Poland and abroad

  • We used all aspects of the services we offer in our professional practice in managerial positions

  • We know how to cooperate in multicultural environments

  • We work in Polish and English

  • We combine the so-called hard competences (management, finance) from the so-called soft skills (leadership, communication, training)

  • We are graduates of leading business schools in the world, we use their knowledge and experience of other graduates in Poland and other countries

  • We conduct academic classes as part of post-graduate studies at business universities in Poland

  • We work in Poland and abroad

  • We belong to the largest, leading training organization in the field of global leadership

  • We are constantly developing our competences, gaining new knowledge and practical experience

  • We have access to the rich resources of training organizations to which we belong

Join the group of those who chose development!


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  • Individual long-term mentoring and coaching programs, whose aim may be, for example: targeted personal development, building leadership and communication skills, increasing managerial efficiency

  • Tailored to your expectations, ways and forms of cooperation, such as remote cooperation, when you travel a lot or live away from places where we work every day

  • Ask us about what interests you. As noted by Dr. John C. Maxwell: „We only get answers to the questions we ask.”