The Three Pillars of Effectiveness: Core Quadrants® for Organisations


June 26, 2024 (Wednesday) | 2:00 PM CET

The legendary tool by Daniel Ofman in practice. Discover the proven methods used by the most effective companies and organizations worldwide, and enhance your Leadership, Managerial, Coaching, Consulting and Training skills.

You are hosted by:

Niels-Peter van Doorn

Niels-Peter van Doorn

Maciej Wiśniewski

Maciej Wiśniewski


What is the webinar about?

Daniel Ofman

The Core Quadrant® is used worldwide in businesses as well as educational organisations, as a tool to support organisational effectiveness better communication and development activities aimed at teams and individuals.

The concept was developed by Daniel Ofman back in the mid-1990s and has been developed ever since. According to it, every person, group or organisation has so-called 'core qualities’ – basic qualities that characterise their personality. Learning about these qualities makes it possible to use them more fully and to cope better in one’s personal and professional life and in relationships with others. The Core Quadrant method is used both individually and in teamwork.

Core qualities are inevitably accompanied by ”pitfalls” into which a person or organisation falls from time to time. In order to achieve personal or organisational well-being, pitfalls must be avoided. One way of doing this is to identify one’s own 'challenges’, i.e. difficult behaviours and attitudes of other people and entities, which can nevertheless be good teachers for us. The Core Quadrant also helps to understand why ” pitfalls” are activated in personal or organisational activities. The reason is the 'allergies’ we may have to certain people or personal or organisational behaviours.

In this first event, part of a series of three webinars, we will demonstrate how the Core Quadrants can be applied to the business practice of an organisation. Using it to improve communication, organisational and strategic analysis, and to build effective collaboration, especially in multicultural and multigenerational teams.

Who is this webinar for?

  • For Managers and Leaders, Business Owners leading organizations and teams
  • For Business Coaches and Consultants working with leaders, managers and teams
  • For HR Business Partners, directors and HR professionals
  • For professionals working as training or employee development experts

Your hosts:

Maciej Wiśniewski

Maciej is a certified Core Quadrant® trainer. He is also an expert in leadership, a coach, mentor and trainer specializing in working with board members and business owners in the areas of leadership, management, effective communication, organization and business development. Maciej has 30 years of experience as a manager and consultant; he managed Polish and international professional and technology services companies. He worked as a lecturer at the Academy of Leadership Psychology for 13 years.

His company Inspire Leadership Sp. z o.o. is the exclusive partner of Daniela Ofman’s Core Qualities® in Poland.

Niels Peter

Niels-Peter van Doorn

Niels-Peter has been a long-time associate of Daniel Ofman – they worked together since 2002 roku and co-managed Core Quality International, a consulting company started by Daniel. He runs international programs certification Core Quadrant®. Niels-Peter is also a strategic consultant, executive trainer and expert in multicultural organizational development. He spent the past 15 years consulting in strategy and leadership development, corporate governance and international cooperation.

Niels-Peter is a frequently invited guest-speaker regarding the links between leadership and organizational development.

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  • June 26,  2024 (Wednesday) at 2:00 PM

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